Tuesday, December 21, 2010


To help out the handmade comunity and also discover more shops and sellers around the world I will be featuring differnt shops on my blog!!!

Every week I will post about atleast one site or shop on the front page and also add it to my featured section where it will stay indefinately! Isnt that great! And you dont have to pay or anything! In addition to requeted featureings I will also feature shops that I find so everyone can get to know new and awesome stores and sites!

Now how do you get featured?
Well simple if you want to be featured just send me an email with your name and site, vmariedesigns@gmail.com postings will be made as requests come in, and if there are tons I may feature several shops in a week! But remember it doesnt matteryour shop will always be in the featured section. Also I also update my twitter about featured posts.

Want to have a poast of something otyher than and etsy shop?
Sure not a problem I will feature blogs, shops, personal sites, web portfolios, the list goes on!

Is there anything you won't post about?
I want to and stick to anything thats art and handmade related, things like etsy shops and such, blogs about crafting and related topics. I will view each site and email you when I will post about it. If a site is deemed innappropriate or unrelated it may not get posted but the liklyhood of that happening is slim.

How long will my post be up?
I never delet posts so it will be on my blog forever, unless you request it be deleted. As new posts come it will be pushed down the line but not only do you have a post on the front page but you will havwe an ad in the featured section of my blog.

When will my post be up on the blog?
I will try an d get posts up as each request comes in. I cant say a definated time but I will have atleast one new post a week for featured shops. If you want a specific day that can be arranged.

You can check out the featured section for a sample of  what your featured site will look like when its up. Posts are similar but will be larger and acompanied by a review and description.

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