Saturday, July 10, 2010

Peek behind the curtain.

Here's a glance at my two studio's that i have in my apt. One where i do all the messy work that involves chemicals, fire and just plain sticky icky resin! Then there is my fibers rooms away from that, cant mix he two or it would be...well not too good.  When i look at these pics I can't help but think, wow i have so much stuff! How'd i get all of that stuff! Well yep there you have it the places where the creativity roams free!


  1. I love these pictures! Not sure why... Maybe because I'm nosy and I love getting that sneak peak into another artist's world!

  2. i know im the same way its neat to me to see how messy or neat other creators. can be makes me feel better knowing that somewhere out there there are people with tons of stuff all over like me :)